We are a full-service creative agency that focuses on the art of storytelling through brand strategy and marketing. 

We are creative souls, obsessed with details and ready to press the hot button to reignite your brand.

Hailing from all over the globe, the team at White Label Media are driven by education, passion and industry experience.

We love a grand vision and bringing it to fruition. We work as part of the team and make sure your company shines through.

Every brand requires
an out of the box approach; that’s why they come to us.


At White Label Media, we understand you need something fresh and exclusive.

We know our strengths and will always help find the answer you're looking for.

We offer the best of both big and boutique agency experience with an international senior team and established contacts. 


We believe in personalized service and enhancing your passion.

Want to build an identity from scratch? Re-brand? Launch a new concept? Get back in the spotlight?

Gain a new prospective on business development? How about develop your brand in a new market? 

We can do this. Together. 

We are committed to your growth and success.


With digital media on overdrive today, every brand needs innovative ideas to get to the top and stay there.

It has become less about the expertise and more about the next hot idea. In order to stay relevant you have to be ahead of the trend or a classic masterpiece.

How can you guarantee that you will be in business tomorrow? Let us study your brand position, foundation and public perception.

We will create effective and measurable touch-points that connect and engage directly to your audience.


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Shraddha Barot Amariei

– Founder & CEO

A passionate serial entrepreneur, Shraddha Barot Amariei has spent over a decade in the UAE. With an honors degree in Finance, Shraddha has successfully launched three businesses in Dubai, which include being the CEO & Founder of The Luxury Network Middle East where she directed the Dubai and Bahrain offices for over 2 years.

Shraddha launched White Label Media in 2013 as a passion project to help support fellow business owners. Since then Shraddha and her team have helped market and develop over 50 international & homegrown brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Raffles Hotel, Bentley, Zaroob, Mezza House, Salt, Gossip Café & Desserts, Pinky Goat Lashes, Bertin Bistro, House of Curry, Amber Lounge, Pacha, John Digweed, Crossfit Gold Box, David Craig, Berri’s UAE and Galleria Mall to name a few.

Shraddha believes in the unique identity of each brand and that every business has an opportunity to go global.